Las Vegas – what bliss is to hear the very name of the casino king? The very thought of game, music and the extravagant thrilling experience drives us crazy. The lighted up structures, the stardom and the posh and luxurious lifestyle experience is one that each one ahs to definitely experience once in their lifetime. Las Vegas remains to be a dream destination for many travel enthusiasts all over the world. You need not be a professional to check your luck at the casinos. The dealers out there are all the more happy to help you out. And the range and variety of games in Las Vegas will leave you dumbfounded. Trying to play the entire range will take you days and weeks together to complete. Right from low stake games to higher stakes you have it all. This feature attracts tourists and gamers from all over the world.

The accommodations in the Casinos are more worth than your money. If you are set to spend huge money, then you get everything served at your doorstep, right from the gambling tables to dealers, everything comes to your close vicinity- your room. You can even go to your gambling tables by swimming across.

Beautiful women, music, gaming and entertainment are all boundless in Las Vegas Casinos! The ambiences that these casinos offer are truly incredible. There are a whole lot of casinos that draws your attention and often leaves you perplexed as to what casinos to choose from. So here comes the list of Top 5 Casinos to try your lady luck .

1.The Stratosphere Casino

The Stratosphere is a casino, hotel and a tall standing tower all of them combines to form a whole bunch of fabulous buildings. This gives you the entire view of the whole city of Las Vegas and the sight of it at night with glowing lights sparkling everywhere is indeed a treat to your eyes. It has two observation decks on the tower top, which gives you a wonderful viewpoint. It also offers 4 speed rides and a splendid dining experience with the best restaurants. The 7400 square meter casino has around 50 different table games, slot machines, over 1500 video pokers and a lot more of entertainment overloaded.


Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel is owned by the TLC Casino Enterprises and is located on the Fremont Street Experience. Founded by Benny Binion in the year 1951, it has been the best casinos in Las Vegas. The special feature of this casino is its display floor, which held all the attention of gamers and gamblers right from the time of its installation. One can never afford to miss a visit to the Binion’s on his trip to Las Vegas, where one can experience and enjoy both old-style gaming coupled with modern day advancements.

4. The Mirage

The Mirage is a Casino-hotel in the Las Vegas, which has the most-impressive structure. One can also take a trip to another Casino – Treasure Inland from the Mirage through a tram. The marque in front of the mirage is said to be the biggest freestanding marque in the entire world. The attractive feature of Mirage includes a secret garden and a dolphin habitat, a rainforest flora decorating the entrance, an artificial volcano, a magnificent aquarium measuring 16 *2 , 4- meter. The resort conducts boxing events and other entertaining events to attract travellers and gamers all throughout the year.

5. Ceasars palace

This amazing casino-hotel owned by Ceasars Entertainment Corporation is located on the west side of Las Vegas. It has a sprawling gambling arena of 15500 square meters with the latest amenities. The resort houses a lot of shopping stores, a really huge sports book and a replica of the Colosseum at Ceasars Place to give a Roman Touch. It has a seating capacity of 2400 people and hosts a number of famous shows by very famous celebrities, including President barrack Obama.

With so many attractions in every nook and corner of Las Vegas, one is sure to get lost in the glint and glory of the casinos. It is a place where can try his luck and if lady luck shines on you, you can become a millionaire in no time. There are a few things that you ought to follow when at casinos in Las Vegas:

  • Never go up against the locals.
  • Identify places where free drinks are offered. Usually each casino has their own day of offering free drinks and compliments, so work out on it and prepare a profitable schedule.
  • Mix up gambling & Shopping.
  • Always have a check over your wallet and don’t drain yourself fully empty.
  • Know when and where to draw a line.
  • Choose the best casino depending upon whom you are travelling with.
  • And don’t miss to take a Selfie with the famous Las Vegas Sign –Board and go ahead and make it your profile picture, your DP or whatever that makes you happy.

There are few things that money can’t buy and the fun filled days at Las Vegas is one such splendid memory that is really priceless. Leaving aside the financial part, the level and extent of enjoyment that you are out to experience at Las Vegas is worth all your money and you are sure to cherish this wonderful feeling all your life.